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Father Help Please, Mother in Law trying to take over

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Hi There, I am a young father 23 years of age, Me and my Partner had a very unexpected surprise in our life however things are great.. most of the time Me and my Partner work full time both of us and our 1 year old son goes to daycare 3 days a week and is with my partners Mum the remaining 2 days. She hasnt worked full time as was a stay at home mother and she stays around the house and looks after different children in the family where required. She is a very straight person with a big heart however I feel like her any my partner keep things from me that I feel I have a right to know When it comes to my sons diet , they have come up with their own plan and I feel very left out, They both know how I feel about having no control andinput and how much it upsets me that I feel like I dont have much of a say regarding day to day activites and decisions I feel as a father I should get a say. One example of this was his face had a blood blister on it and it popped and he got rushed from daycare to the doctors, From there he needed to go to the hospital and I got the phone call 3 hours after the initial incident, None of them thought to let me know which really bothered me She does everything her way and how they did things when they were in the same situation, Being young parents however I had a very different upbringing, One where everything was no so "by the book" and straight, more relaxed and chill approach however she does lots of research about what she "thinks is best for zac" and my partner fully supports that. I feel very left out and they both go behind my back and keep things from me knowing that it would upset me. There are so many situations where little things like this happen and its all behind my back due to the fact it would frustrate me. I feel like I always get undermined and anything I do is wrong because they do it differently. When I talk to my partner about it she supports her mums decision and they both team up on me. I do not get much say and feel like I have no control or choice and that its not fair Any advice would be much appreciated

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