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Feeling pregnant but negative test...

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I was on the depo shot for the past 3 years and just got off in February. I have not had a period since shortly after my first shot. About a week ago I started feeling weird (tender breasts, bloated when I lay down on my side, cramping/sore feeling in my very low abdomen, nauseous most of the day, extremely tired all day, slight spotting) these symptoms combined with missed period was major indicators to me being pregnant with my daughter. So I took a home pregnancy test, the same one the health department uses. It came out negative. So I thought maybe it's just severe pms but it's lasting a couple weeks now with no period. I had a LEEP surgery done late December and was told after I'd already been off the depo shot a few weeks and had unprotected sex that I shouldn't become pregnant for another 6 months if I can avoid it due to increased risks of miscarriage. So if i am pregnant i want to find out as soon as possible so that i can see a dr and try my best to avoid losing it. But I literally feel pregnant. I feel the exact same as after I conceived my daughter. I don't want to go to the doctor and have them blow me off (I have a shitty dr) and the health department uses the same test I took. So is this super long severe pms or c I uld I be pregnant but not far along enough yet to get a positive test? If I still feel like this in another 2 weeks with no period I'm going to retest.

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