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feeling so sick in 7th week of pregnancy- when will this pass : ( ??

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i have constant nausea all the time but not actually throwing up- just feel so sick all day and night : ( i feel a little better when i eat , which means im now eating all the time to help the nausea but not actually throwing up so now im so worried about weight gain. The only thing that helps me settle is fruit, fruit juice or crackers which obviously cant be too good for you to be eating it all the time. Im in week 7 and if i keep going at this rate i will be enormous!! : ( im so sad and cry from the nausea, i dont feel like myself and cant do the exercise im use too as i get tired and my heart races more than usual, im just walking sowly 1/2 to and hour. Will this go away as im not enjoying being pregnant because of this feeling : (

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Unfortunately, that all sounds normal. Eat what you can, when you can and make sure you're taking your prenatal vitamins. Chances are, even if you're snacking all day long, you aren't eating much if you have constant nausea. Don't worry about weight gain.while I was pregnant with my girls I had morning sickness like yours for months. With my first, it was 6 months. With my second, it was almost 4. I ate whatever my stomach would allow, even if it was only croissants and watermelon for 4 days straight. I only gained 30 pounds with my first pregnancy. With my second, my son, I had no morning sickness, so I ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I only gained 30 pounds that time as well. With my third, the morning sickness wasn't as bad, and I only gained 15 pounds. This time, I had mild sickness for about a week and I've gained maybe 10 pounds so far and I'm 19 weeks.there's no telling when your sickness will end. It's different for every woman. Just do what you can, eat what you can, and it should get better eventually. I know it's hard to enjoy your pregnancy when you feel like crap all the time. But it should get better and you'll be able to enjoy it more.

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