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Fertile stage? Infertile stage? Either way, still late.

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I was on the mirena until about a month ago. I spotted the entire time I was on it!(a month or two) I had the paragard before that, and had very regular periods. Judging by my usual cycle, I should have started my period 6 days ago(after I got it removed, I finally had a real period). I had sex two days before my period was supposed to start, and he even pulled out! (I am on no form of bc currently)I have had a backache that I'm trying to blame on my new job at Macys, but this is getting a little impossible. Can I take a pregnancy test now and get a true result? Should I wait? Could I be? I'm just confused about this whole ordeal....I know that hormones can mess with you, and all of that

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Typically you should wait at least 2 weeks to take a test from possible conception
Did you get an answer?At any rate, the irregularity is why I ditched the Mirena (that, the massive amounts of hair that used to fall off my head in the shower - once it actually clogged the drain; I felt like a chemo patient - and the fourteen pounds I put on that melted away when they took the F*^%$*#@ thing out). So I'm not surprised it was screwy. Add that to this: a friend of mine is pregnant with Number Four, and was USING the Mirena at the time (removing it was apparently a nightmare, but it was done without problems - so far - to the embryo).Just curious if you were BFP or BFN.

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