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Fetal age is 12 weeks... what week for the development trackers?

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My doc told me that the development of my baby is right at when my period was. I love to read the week-to-week development websites but I never know what number to go by since most if not all of them add one to three weeks for the conception to take place. When I look at these sites, what number should I go by since I didnt have time between my period and conceiving?

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Doctors add two weeks from the time of conception, which is why they generally use the date your of your last period. If your doctor says you are 12 weeks, that is what you go by for everything, including the week by week development trackers.With my last pregnancy, I was confused about that as well. I knew when I conceived, and couldn't understand why dates weren't lining up, especially when I got an ultrasound early on to figure out the age of my baby. That's when I realized they add the two weeks from the time of conception.
When I got the ultrasound she said that usually she would recalculate the due date but that we would be sticking with it because it was right on target for 9 weeks (i got the ultrasound at 9 1/2-10 weeks) and marveled at the fact that I got pregnant so close to my last period start date so it really was the full 9 weeks. ugh this is so confusing lol
That is definitely confusing. But, still go by the fetal age, which would be 12 weeks right now. In a general sense, fetal age and how far along your pregnancy is are the same thing. Not technically, since, as I said, they generally add on two weeks from the time of conception. But for all intents and purposes, it's the same thing.I'm also about 12 weeks along. I'm already showing a lot, which is crazy. With my last I didn't show at all until I was 20 weeks, and then my belly just popped out and I was huge. I don't have my first appointment until next week, and I'm going crazy waiting for it.

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