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Fetus Measurements to determine age??

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Ok so this might be a stupid question but I have to ask because someone has to know! ANYONE! My last ultrasound was 3/7/2012 my doctor told me I was 7weeks and 2days...on the ultrasound pic it says my LMP was 1/11/2012 which is definitly wrong! first day of my last "period" was 1/4/2012 but I think it was gestational bleeding because (TMI BUT) it was so light that i would only notice it when I wiped and it was like pink and brown...My period came in December 2011 on the 3th and it last a little over a week and was horrible. My baby has a very pronounced heartbeat of 148 and it is very loud and pronounced like I said. My babys measures 4.2cm(1.6inches) long not sure about the weight she never said anything about it...but at 7weeks and 2days wouldn't that be a huge baby at 4.2cm long??? shouldn't I be more around 10 or 11 weeks? All the charts I have looked at said that it was between a 10 and 11 week baby! IM SO CONFUSED!!!

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First, this is a question that is best answered by your doctor. He or she knows how to read an ultrasound and will be able to explain about weights/lengths/ages/etc.Second, if the ultrasound tech determined the age of your baby that person is correct. They go through lots and lots of training and they know what they're doing. Whatever due date they gave you is the correct one and it will not be changed. Early ultrasounds are the most accurate way to determine the age of a baby.

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