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Few Questions I need answers to, Help?

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Yesterday i had an ultrasound done to measure/weigh the baby. He weighs 7 lbs 4 oz, the ultrasound technician said according to my 1st trimester u/s i am 34 wks 3 days but my son measured 37 wks 3 days and going by the first day of my last period im "supposed" to be 37 wks 5 days. My doctor told me i have gestational diabetes about a week and a half ago but everytime i go to his office my sugar is under 100. even at home when i check it, it is under 100. he said it is under control. so could my baby be 7lbs 4oz because of the diabetes or is it they have my dates wrong? im kind of worried because IF i am 34wks i still 5 weeks and my baby is already big. i've tried talking to my doctor about my dates possibly being switched but hes no help. ive already started to lose my mucus plug slowly. i dont know what this could mean. any ideas?

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If you had an ultrasound in your first trimester the due date calculated from that is the one your doctor will use. First trimester ultrasounds are more reliable than using the date of your last period. Ultrasounds late in pregnancy are not always reliable in estimating a baby's weight and your fundal height measurement may not mean much either. With my last baby (born two weeks ago) I measured 2 1/2 weeks ahead for just about my entire third trimester. My belly was huge and we were all positive that this little girl would be well over 8 pounds. She ended up being 7lbs 5.2oz when she was born 8 days late.If your blood sugar is under control (it actually sounds like it's a little low) your baby shouldn't have any complications from your gestational diabetes. I had it with my son and he was only 8lbs 9oz.Also, are you sure it's your mucus plug or is it just an increase in discharge? It's common for women to lose parts of the plug early, it doesn't mean you'll go into labor soon. I've also heard of women losing their complete plug multiple times throught the end of their third trimester because after they lost the plug a new one would form.
Okay well that helps alot, and im not sure its my mucus plug because there isn't any bloody show but it is very thick and stringy so maybe it is an increase in discharge.and i shouldn't rely on the utrasound since he could be smaller?
One of my obs told me that ultrasounds are the least reliable when it comes to estimating a baby's weight. A doctor's estimate is the second most reliable, and a mother's intuition is the most reliable. I have a friend who was tiny during pregnancy but ultrasounds kept saying she'd have a baby over 8 pounds. Her little girl was full term and wasn't even 6.5 pounds. I was way off on my prediction withn my last baby, but she had everyone fooled. Even my doc's prediction was that she'd be about 8.5 pounds. My intuition was off for the whole pregnancy though, this little girl just never gave me any clear signals, which was weird.Of course, if it's your first time it can be hard to figure things out. I wouldn't have known how estimate my first baby's size and weight. All I knew was that she wasn't huge. With my son I could easily tell that he was only a little longer than my daughter and I knew that he would be heavier, but he wasn't going to be a huge baby. (She was 20.5" and 7lbs 15oz, he was 21.5" and 8lbs 9oz.) This last time everyone was off on their estimations. This little girl was 20.5" and 7lbs 5.2oz, my smallest baby. So the fact that she was measuring big for so long didn't mean anything. She wasn't big or long, she was probably just more stretched out. The fact that my belly was enormous didn't mean anything either. Your ultrasound results may be close to your baby's actual size, or they may not be. You'll just have to wait and see. Ultimately, there's no reason to worry. Even if your baby is a little big you'll be fine, and if your sugar levels are under control the chances of your baby having any complications from your gestational diabetes are extremely small. 
Thanks V.I can't say i know how big he's gonna be, but regardless of how huge my belly is. i feel he's gonna be small.I guess the only thing i can really do is wait patiently, and he'll be here when he's ready.
Gestational diabetes can cause you to have a bigger baby. My friend at work had it, and her baby was a big girl. But if you are getting checked and the doctor says that your levels are good then I wouldn't worry about it. Just try to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.
The only reason gestational diabetes causes a big baby is because the mother's blood sugar is consistently too high. If the mother's blood sugar isn't controlled that blood with high amounts of sugar will pass through the placenta (insulin does not pass through the placenta) and the baby will have high blood sugar. This will make the baby gain too much body fat, resulting in a high weight baby. It also makes the baby's pancreas produce excess insulin to combat the high blood sugar. Once the baby is born it takes their body a while to adjust so they keep producing extra insulin even though they no longer have high blood sugar. This results in a hypoglycemic baby, which can be very dangerous. This is why all babies of gestationally diabetic moms have their blood sugar tested 2-3 times after birth.However, if the mother's blood sugar levels are normal, the baby shouldn't be big. At least, the baby won't be big because of the gestational diabetes. Babies can be big for other reasons. I had GD with my son and he was only 8lbs 9oz and was 21.5 inches long. He was 10oz heavier and 1 inch longer than my daughter, which is totally normal for a second baby.
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