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Final Update

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So, parents, I went to the walk-in doctor clinic today and requested that my blood be drawn. I told them what happens in my family and that I'm rH- so, I need to know immediately if I am pregnant. So, they drew blood at 0900 AM and told me that they would call with the results. About 1030 AM, they called and told me that the blood pregnancy test was.... Negative. So, parents, I'm going back to the doctor's on the 6th of April for some birthcontrol. I thought all of you encouraging folks would like an update and hence, here it is. Have a good year, my fellow women and a blessed day.

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Try not to be too down, you are young and have plenty of time to have a baby. One day when the time is right it will all work out. Good luck and stay in touch. 
I'm sorry. At least now you know for sure.
Awww!:( Imm Soo Sorry!! Don't Bring Your Self Down,!! Try & Happy Yeah, It's Gonna Be Hard, But God Will Help You Through This(: And Thank's For Letting Us Know! Well Im Here For You And You Also Have A Great Year And A Blessed Day!

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