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Miss Vivienne Eloise finally arrived this morning all on her own! She's the smallest of all my babies weighing in at just 7lbs 5.2oz. For as huge as my belly was I definitely thought she'd be close to 9lbs. So the fact that she was measuring 2-2 1/2 weeks ahead for most of my third trimester is really interesting. She's sweet and cute and very sleepy. Nursing isn't going well yet, it looks like she's having the same latching issue that Audrey had. We're going to keep trying to get it to work but she may end up being a formula baby too. I was not at all prepared for the pain of natural childbirth (it seriously felt like Iw as on fire and was being torn in half!) but it only took three pushes to get her out, so it wasn't too bad. I feel great now, though I'm having major cramps from the uterine shrinking and of course, I'm extremely tired from a major lack of sleep over the last few days. We're looking forward to going home as soon as possible, we miss Audrey and Harrison and are very bored here in the hospital.

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Congrats on the new little one! I love her name. It's so cute! Glad to hear everything went well. Good luck with the breast feeding, hopefully it works out because it's good for her and such a bonding experience. My daughter had a problem latching at first but with persistence, it paid off.Well, congrats again. I hope you get to go home soon so you can get comfy and just enjoy that new little baby! :)
Congratulations! Breastfeeding is tough, with my daughter I had to use a shield it was tough and then I was made to feel like the shield was bad, but I talked to an LC and she said "You are nursing, the shield allows you to nurse, that is okay." Which made me feel better. Hope things work out and you can do what works best for your family. I am sure your other kids will adore their little sister. I did natural with both of mine, with my daughter I did not remember the burning or "ring of fire" with my son who was born second I remember and it was the most painful part. 
Congrats, I wish you the best of luck on your new bundle of joy (:May God Bless Her & Forever Keep Her Safe. :)
Congrat's! I just had my first LO a on December 31. She just came home today :) Their so cute eh?!
Congrats!!!! So happy that your little angel is finally here.. I can't wait to have my little boy.

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