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Finding out the sex.....

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This is my first and our first child together. (My husband has a son from a previous relationship.) I keep flip flopping on finding out the sex of the baby. (My husband found out with his son, but is torn as well on this one) We can find out the sex on Tuesday, and can't decide what to do. My parents and sister in law are very against finding out the sex. Other people suggest I should as the options for neutrals are so limited.... Lately I have been having fun hearing everyone's theories about what I might be having.. Does it make it that much easier to know? Is it really better to wait for the big surprise? AHHHHH!!! I have very torn... Thoughts...

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I find that it does make it easier to know. But, I'm one of those people that wants gender specific stuff for my kids. With my first my husband wanted the gender to be a surprise but I convinced him that if we had a girl we'd both want her to wear pink, not green/yellow/brown. We decided that if we had a girl and then a boy (which we did) we'd let the third baby be a surprise since we'd already have everything we needed for both. But, he convinced me that if we had a girl I'd definitely want her room to be pink and he didn't want to decorate the nursery twice. So we found out, but it wasn't much of a surprise. I knew by my symptoms that I was having a girl.So for us, as far as planning went, we wanted to know what we were having. It's a personal decision and everyone has different feelings and reasons for finding out or keeping it a surprise. If you want to find out, do it. You can always keep it a secret from friends and family if you want.
I found out with my little girl, I wanted to be able to either shop for a girl or boy and not go the neutral route. I am very happy I found out and will find out when we have another baby also. My good friend waited and had so much neutral stuff, which she hated after she had a girl because with yellow, green, and brown, alot of people call her girl a boy, which annoys her a bit. I just really think it's a personal preference. Go with what you want and don't let what others say sway you. No matter if you find out or not, the birth is such an awesome and special day! :)
@OliviasMom We dressed my daughter in pink, had a pink stroller, pink blankets, etc. and people still asked if she was a boy! 
I found out with both of my kids. I knew my daughter was a girl before they told me and felt like my son was a boy but was not as sure as I was with my daughter. If we were going to have a third (which we are not) I would want a surprise because I (had) all the stuff for either girl or boy. I think it is up to you. I still checked to verify when they were born what they were. No one announced it and I do not know how it is when they are born. They just set the babys on my chest. With my daughter I ask "Is she a girl?" and with my son I checked myself.  I hate pink and sort of wish that we did not tell people she was going to be a girl because I got SO much pink clothes.My sister in law did not find out with her two and it was tough shopping to buy her gifts because we did not know and there really is not much neutural stuff. That being said because clothes are hard to find neutral you may end up with other stuff that is more needed then 1000 onesies. Like diapers and wipes.
Thanks to all of you for sharing your experience and advice.  I will let you all know what we decide on Tuesday! 
Thanks to all of you for sharing your experience and advice.  I will let you all know what we decide on Tuesday! 
I did not find out with my first two but I did with this one. If you are still unsure ask the u/s tech to write the sex on a paper and seal it in an envelope. you CAN find gender neutral stuff so I wouldn't worry too much about that. frankly the surprise was wonderful both ways, waiting until birth and finding out at 20 weeks :P I had gotten rid of all my baby stuff and frankly was sick of yellows/greens etc from my previous two so we decided to find out the gender this time.
Thanks again for all of the advice and ideas!  We went this morning and had the tech write it down.  Honestly, after looking at the baby, which was so cool, I was very curious.I think we had the envelope for 20 minutes before we peeked!  So, it is boy!  We are both very excited.  I am hoping to keep it a secret like from those who don't want to know, as VforVenture suggested.  My husband is very excited though and a terrible secret keeper!!! Thanks again everyone!
@VforVenture, It's so true, no matter what your child is wearing or in, people will still get it wrong. We were in the store one day and my daughter had a pink frilly sweater, jeans, pink shoes, and a bow in her hair, and the lady at the checkout asked if she was a boy or a girl. Before I even had a chance to answer her, the GUY behind me says " You really had to ask? She is obviously a girl." I just laughed and said "yes she is a girl."@AnnieO0823, Congrats on the baby boy, have fun shopping for all the little boy stuff!   

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