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Finding out the sex of my baby

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Ok, so I'll be about 19 1/2 to 20 weeks on the 14th next month. I asked my dr if I could go in to find out then,so that the father can be there bc it's hard for him to get off work on weekdays. She said no, I wouldn't know until after 20 weeks! I was wondering since most ppl find out at 18 weeks, why is she saying this? Is there any other way I can find out by then?

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I agree, waiting until after 20 weeks is much more accurate, and they get a better view of the organs and what not, which is the part that really matters. Remember though, even if the tech is 100% sure of the gender, that doesn't mean they're right! I've known people with beautiful pink nurseries, bring home beautiful baby boys!
My doctor did not send me for an ultrasound until 20 weeks as well...  You can go to a private ultrasound specialist in your area that will do a gender ultrasound.  I live in Houston and here the price for this service is anywhere from $99-$125.  These specialists will typically provide more pictures and spend more time viewing your baby since that is the only purpose of your visit. 
lucky lucky ladys i didnt even get my ultra sound till i was 24 weeks, because my doctor just does it that way and its very unfair but what can you do?
i found out at 19 weeks, if you have anyone in town or does 4d sonograms you could go do that!!

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