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First birthday approaches and I need help!

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I'm a full-time (90%) single dad and my daughter is about to have her first birthday. Her mother has suggested that we have ONE party for her. Is that a good idea? We have tentatively planned a single party at a local restaurant. At first I did not foresee any issues until I started talking to my friends and family. Although I know how to behave myself in this situation, everyone else is questionable. I was very direct with the first individual I invited, but I still think their animosity will become an issue. It was then that I realize it may not be much better for the rest of the people that I may invite or those that her mother would, for that matter. Grrrrr. Should we each just have a party for her? I could just drop her off for the afternoon so her mother can have a party on Saturday. Then I could have one later that evening or the following day. I understand that nothing in my situation is normal. Is it common place to have separate birthday parties? What should I do?

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If you are on good terms with the mother of your child, a single party should be fine. If you are not on good terms with her, separate parties might be a better idea. Friends and family should not be an issue, what's most important is how you get along with her mother.

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