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first failed ivf treatment!!!!

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I had my tubes cut many years ago. Just newly married to a wonderful man and we want to have another child together. We do both have children from previous marriages and both sets of children are teenagers now, 2 are even graduating this year. We have just gotten our 1st negative pregnancy and not to mention were now out of 10grand after 3 months of IVF treatments. YEAH 10,000!!!!! What other options are there out there? Please help!!!!

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Wow--if adoption were only easier in this country.
Move to Masachusetts--IVF is covered by health insurance here. If I had to add up all of the costs associated with conceiving my daughter, it would be over 100K!
You should definitely check your insurance policies or state medicaid to see if either cover fertility treatment for you. If nothing else, check out surrogacy.
Definitely read up on the states that have a mandate for infertility treatment coverage. You and your insurance provider  have to meet certain requirements in order to get coverage. Also, the state laws may  not apply to the state you live in or work could be the state in which your policy was issued from. Some states offer up to 4 covered IVF treatments, so it's well worth the research!  You really have to dig though, unfortunately this information is so hard to find.

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