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First time mom. Help?

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I am finally a mom for the first time-yay! My Daughter, Veronica-Elizebeth was born on December 31st at 34 week. She was 5 pounds 4oz and 17 inches. She stayed there for 4 day's and she just came home today. She is on a apnea machine though, I find it a bit odd that she needs one when she is hardly a preemie or anything but never the less... But now I have a few questions... My first question is: Should I start her bedtime routine right away? 2, I heard that many preemies have acid reflex, how will i know if she has it too? 3, How on EARTH am I going to survive without all of the nurses and doctors? My DH works nights and sleeps most of the day. 4, What does diaper rash look like? If it's not treated does it get worse, and can it harm my baby? Thanks. I know that I probably sound like im over worrying but this is pretty scary for me. Oh! One more question, how can I tell if she's allergic to my dogs? Sorry for all of the questions, I just thought it would be a good idea to get advice fro moms who know what I'm going through. And all of you first time moms, did you make it through your first night okay? Thanks guys! Please reply ASAP :)

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Wheew, I survived my first night :)
With reflux they will scream when they lay flat and most with projectile vomit. More then spit up it usually will be most of a feeding and it comes out with force not a little burp. My son used to soak me and barely get any on himself because he had so much force. Once it went straight over my shoulder and got on the floor behind me. Most babies do not have allergies to dogs it is something that developes over time. She would probably get dry itchy skin first. Try to start a routine now as it is easier. Nurse/bottle then change and put her down for the night or a nap. The change should wake her up a bit so she is not going down asleep. It may take a bit. She needs to be sleepy. Do not let her cry if she does not go to sleep pick her up and cuddle for a bit them try it again. It may take a few times. A sign of diaper rash would be a red bum. And it can get worse and spread. Sometimes they will blister and that opens up the skin for infection. Find a cream you like that gives good coverage and use it if her bum is looking really red. Also make sure it is dry this will help the rash get better. Moisture makes it worse. Maybe do some tummy time on a towel if she is getting a rash so her bum and get air and dry out.It is tough when your support is not always there. My husband is a farmer and soon after our son was born they had some major changes and was never in the house. It take getting used to but you can do it. I am still the only one that gets up and that is tough. But you will do it and make sure your husband spends some quality time with your little girl so she gets to know and love him.
1. Your baby will be on her own schedule for a few weeks. She will likely sleep for 3-5 hours at a time and will wake up to eat and for a diaper change. She will probably spend around 15 minutes awake at the most. Don't worry about a bedtime routine for a few weeks. Once she's spending more time awake it will be easier to set a good bedtime.2. If you rbaby has reflux she will spit up a lot, will scream and cry after eating and may even stop eating because of the pain. Some amount of spit up is normal for all babies, just make sure you burp her after each feeding. Also make sure you don't overfeed her. She probably doesn't need to eat every time she fusses or cries.3. It's really not that hard to care for a baby. She'll be sleeping most of the time and you should sleep as much as you can at the same time. Don't worry about cleaning and cooking or anything like that. You need as much rest as you can get. At this point all she really needs is to be fed, to have her diapers changed and to be loved. You'll get yourself into a good routine soon enough.4. Diaper rashes can get infected if they are left untreated long enough. Diaper rash is generally red and may be blotchy. If it isn't treated right away it will get bumpy. A natural diaper cream like Method or BabyGanics works well and isn't likely to cause any irritation because they're made without harsh chemical ingredients. If you suspect your baby has a diaper rash you should consider using natural diapers and wipes. I like Earth's Best. I've used them for all three of my kids and have not had a problem with diaper rash (except when my son got thrush).As far as any allergies go, she probably won't have any allergies that you or your husband don't have. If she does have an allergy to dogs she will likely have watery eyes, sneezing, or breathing problems. But, studies have shown that pets in the home during a baby's first year dramatically decreases a child's chances of developing allergies to animals, pollens, etc.And, in my opinion, everything is pretty easy when you just have one baby. It's true that you'll have a lot to learn to figure out but you have plenty of time to learn. I just came home with my third baby and things are pretty crazy!

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