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First time pregnant and perhaps reading too much?

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I am pregnant for the first time and very excited, but my pregnancy was not planned and I therefor knew very little on the subject. Immediately I began to read up on every topic under the sun to ensure that I have the knowledge necessary to not only maintain optimal health for my baby but to also prepare myself for the next nine months as best as I can. Now I'm beginning to wonder if I'm reading a bit too much! I worry that I may be too quick to turn to an article to anticipate every future aspect of pregnancy instead of just discovering it as it comes for me individually. I've also been reading up on all possible circumstances that can negatively affect my pregnancy, and I'm starting to wonder if the worry this sometimes causes is the most harmful of all! Bottom line is, beyond reading the necessary, is there a time to put down the books and simply discover pregnancy for oneself?

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I read a few things when I was pregnant and by far the most informative was What to Expect when Expecting. If you are reading things that make you feel extra anxious I would put it down. Besides baby name books I stuck to my what to expect when expecting. They shared all the topics I needed to know, and left out most of things that aren't constructive. 
I think you have reached the time to put the books down and figure it out on your own.  The book What to Expect when Expecting is a great book.  Overview of everything really, but I would not do more research then that unless the dr gives you a reason to. 
I think I was on information overlaod when I was pregnant. It is always good to be informed, but remember to stop and observe/enjoy what happens in your pregnancy. I was constantly freaking out about every little thing and I think I drove my boyfriend nuts.
I had a couple of books and glanced through them. Mostly when I was experencing something and wanted to make sure it was normal. But for the most part try not to read to much ahead because you will anticipate stuff and if it is a little late it may make you worry but you shouldn't. Just enjoy what you are feeling and your body is telling you. Towards the end I would read a little about labor or take a class so you can know what to expect and what your choices are.
Well Lady looks like you and I are in the same boat!! lol How exciting, but kinda nerve wracking. I am 5 months now and I am experiencing the kicks and joys that come with. I too in the beginning read many books and did a lot of research. I am a high risk pregnancy and I wanted to make sure this was all going to work out so that was my reason to read so much. Remember this, what will be will be and you'll just have to meet it when it comes. Read what to epect when you're expecting in that book there are monthly and weekly break downs, I only read those now. I read the week I am in and and the week to follow just to see what I have to look forward to. You can always talk to friends, family and co-workers about experiences, but mostly talk to your doctor or nurse. If something doesn't seem right call the on call nurse that the hospital or go in. Pregnancy should be as stress free as possible! Enjoy it, it goes quick!! 

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