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First twin pregnancy, 13 weeks, when will I feel them kick?

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Okay, this isn't my first pregnancy. This is actually my 4th pregnancy. My first was when I was 14 and forcibly raped, then that child died at 10 weeks from SIDs, then I had Ashley and then Hunter (then Hunter died 2 days short of turning 3 months) Now I'm pregnant again and this time with twins, which was odd, but I got into that twin range. I'm 13 weeks and I'm wondering if I should be feeling them kick earlier because I'm carrying twins and this isn't my first pregnancy or will I have to wait it out for 16 weeks and up in order to feel them kick? I have once in awhile felt like there were butterflies in my stomach, that couldn't be from movement or kicks or is it just hiccups? Thanks for your help! Sana

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Odds of having twins are higher then you would think. I think it was about 1 in 50 or so.When I was pregnant with my twins i didnt feel them kick until around 17 weeks. however it was my first pregnancy and I was not aware it was twin until my first ultrasound @ about 21 weeks.You could feel them a little earlier because it isnt your first pregnancy but you may be feeling some kind of movement since there are two of them :) Best of luck with your twins!
Some women feel twins move earlier than single babies, but just like everything else, it's different for every woman. Just hang in there, and it will happen when it happens.

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