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Food to eat to fill you up when breastfeeding?

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My son is now 3 months old and he is a big boy and nurses a lot. I have lost the 40lbs I gained when I was pregnant and I still want to lose at least another 15lbs to put me in a healthy range. Thing is I am hungry all the time. I make healthy choices but I feel like I am never full. I wake up hungry and I never used to. What are some good foods to eat that will fill me up but help me get off the pounds. I know this is more about me then baby but I felt it fit here best!

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i usually ate reduced fat peanut butter on ritz crackers and salads with avovados.  if you like those things, both are high in the good fats.  another thing i would do is eat a handfull of deluxe nuts (has walnuts, pecans, etc.) and they were pretty filling and all are lowcarb so no chance of getting too many empty calories.  good luck!

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