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freaking out/insulted

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HI all. Some of my husband's family came over for dinner last night. His aunt made a few comments that I found insulting and have me freaking out. She works in the office at an OB/GYN office. I know she didn't mean anything by it but she insulted me twice and now has me freaking out. I am a tiny woman and this is my first baby. I have just started to show and have to wear maternity clothes at 22/23 weeks. First, she asked when I thought I would have to wear maternity clothes could let that slide) Then when I told her how far along I am 23 weeks she told the table at her office I would be sent for additonal test to make sure my baby doesn't have failure to thrive, and went on to say you know to check that I am eating enough for the baby to grow. I know I am small. I have always been a small lady and people always feel they can comment on that (pregnant or not). Too boot I am a worrier so now with 10 day to the next doctor's appointment I am freaking out something is wrong with my baby. I know I am on track with my weight gain and growing every week. My 20 week ultrasound showed everything is perfect and he weighed then the perfect weight then!!! Still freaking out!!! Thoughts anyone???

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Sounds to me like she could be being a bitch. You know how they say you can pick your friends but you can't pick your family. If your doctor said you were right on track then don't let her bother you. Don't worry unless your doctor says to worry. 
She sounds incredibly rude. All women are different, there is no specific time when you're "supposed" to start showing and there is no correlation between when you start showing and how big your baby will be.I've had three babies. With my first I started showing very early on (she was 7lbs 15oz). With my second I felt huge early on but no one noticed until I was close to 20 weeks (he was 8lbs 9oz). With my third my tummy was flat(ish) until I was 19 weeks when my belly literally popped out over night (she was 7lbs 5.2oz). 
That's rude, I wouldn't listen to her because there really is no specific time to start showing. Plus,when you start showing and your babys weight are completely different things. I have had two babies before, with my first I didn't look pregnant untill 20 weeks and even then I could hide it with big clothing and he was 8lbs 7oz. With my second I started showing around 12 weeks she was 6lbs 4oz. This pregnancy I started showing about 14 weeks. 
Thanks everyone for your answers.  My computer broke so I havent been able to see the posts until now.  Anyway went to the doctor today and guess what:Everything is fine!!!  I feel much better now.  Thanks again everyone!

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