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Frustrated with Doctors saying EVERYTHING is normal...

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This is my second succesful pregnancy. With my first pregnancy It was a breeze, I hardlyhad any symtoms besides headaches and back pain, I did get high blood pressure in the end and had to be induced but was resolved quickly. I am 33 weeks and have had every imaginable symtom withthis pregnancy. I have became anemic, devolped gestrational diabetes,and they discovered a mild heart murmor that is apparently just related to pregnancy. This is just the big stuff, I have been sick constantly with one thing or another for the whole pregnancy. Recently I cannot sleep, i get light headed from just standing up, my heartrate increases, I have had bad diarhea, loss of appetite, sever swelling in my legs and feet, alot of cramping and Braxton Hicks contractions, and just an overal lfeeling of being miserable. Everything I have experienced I have been told is normal for pregnancy. I am convinced that I could walk into the doctors office with a body part falling off and they would say its a normal symptom of pregnancy. Let me clarify I am not a hypochondriac, I am in tune to my body and just feel very uncomfortable and worried something is wrong. AM I going crazy

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No you aren't going crazy lol. I have had some of the same feelings lately. I haven't had anywhere near as many symptoms as you have but everything I have had is always normal. Unfortunately looking over the list of things you have had nothing stands out as unusual to me except the heart murmur. I had gestational diabetes with my 2nd pregnancy and just got tested Tuesday and it looks like I have it again. A lot of women get anemia while pregnant. I have also been sick this whole pregnancy with a cold or sinus problems or something like that. It didn't even go away with an antibiotic! The swelling does worry me because its a sign of hypertension. Has your blood pressure been ok? The braxton hicks contraction are definitely normal with you so far along as is the being uncomfortable and miserable. I hate to say that most of it does look normal but that should make you feel better. It could be major things that could harm you or the baby. Pregnancy apparently has a lot of symptoms that everybody forgot to mention so when we discover something we don't think is normal it ends up just being normal. It sounds like unfortunately this time around you got the bad end of the deal. I would definitely keep an eye on the swelling and if you get really bad head aches and vision problems with it then notify your dr immediately! Those are the sign of pre eclampsia. I hope you get a break soon and can relax before your little one gets here. Good luck sweetie and if you have body parts falling off don't bother with that dr lol. :)

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