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full time nanny??

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need someone caring like mom to help me with taking care of my son who is one and a half year old. i live in michigan ... i will be starting a new job /not great paying job so i request someone who can help me with taking care of him and i would be joining school as there anyone out there who can be understanding enough and help me out in these times until i finish off my school an until my parents come join me .....thanks

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you can put your son in daycare  or look in the paper for nanny services
If you don't make a lot of money there are daycares slide fees based on income. Your state or city might also have a voucher program for mom's who work and/or go to school. I'll be honest, you are probably not going to find a nanny to watch your little one all day without paying some serious cash. It isn't that people are greedy, it's just that they need to eat, too. Also, I wouldn't leave your baby with just any stranger, even if they are willing to watch your kid for cheap. You need to leave your baby with a licensed childcare provider. Go to Google and type in childcare and then your city and state and see what pops up. That's what I did. I don't qualify for any help, but I did find a great childcare referral agency in my city that hooked me up with a great daycare two blocks from my office building! Good luck. Let us know how it goes.
like Kimmieapples said dont leave him with just any stranger just because shes going to charge you cheap remember thats your son your talking about there...!! And sadly but true theres a lot of crazy sick people out there...!!  Theres a lot of goverment daycares out there for exsample my mom takes my sister to a daycare and because shes a single mom and has a low income the goverment pays most of it and she only pays like $20 a month which is not bad at all....!!  google it im sure you will find one, its sad to leave your child all day with out mommy but sometimes theres no choice..
thanks everyone for being so helpful i always thought i would never be like other people i would never put him or her to daycare or leave them with baby sitter ..... because of same reasons that who is who god knows... but now when i need to work to help us survive better i need one .... things never happen as we plan.and since i havent graduated yet so just working low pay job or not sufficient enough.anyways .... i live in michigan can you please tell me how to find that cheap government day care i couldnt find anything it just came up with something for like military families.i am still looking and can you please give me more info or details. thanks again everyone.good to see nice people.
I'll help you. What city do you live in? I live in Indiana but I would be glad to search around for you. I am good at research, etc. and I'd love to help a fellow mom out.
hi thanks again kimmie..i live in novi,michigan
Ok jas, I did some searching online and I found a phone number for a social worker in Novi. Her name is Marilyn Knight, 248-569-6200. Give her a call and see if she can point you in the right direction of affordable child care. Good luck,and I hope she can help. I also found a listing of daycares at You could go to this site and call one of the daycares and ask them if they know of any assistance programs you would qualify for.
hi kimmie.... i cant tell u how thankful i am for u  to help me like tht seriously.... i tried the link it doesnt work but i didnt get time to call that no. yet , but by monday i will try that no.and again thanks so much
hi kimmie.... i cant tell u how thankful i am for u  to help me like tht seriously.... i tried the link it doesnt work but i didnt get time to call that no. yet , but by monday i will try that no.and again thanks so much

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