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FYI-chemicals in baby bath products

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This is a link to a great article on the dangerous chemicals that have been found in baby and children's bath products. Read it and then seriously consider switching to natural or organic products for your children and for yourself. I use BabyGanics, Method and Yes to Baby Carrots products on my kids. They are totally safe and have only natural ingredients. Think about switching to natural cleaning products as well.

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Johnson and Johnson have some of the worst products on the market when considering chemicals! I can't believe how popular it still is! We got so many J&J  products as gifts when my son was born. You would think that it is a trustworthy product, especially as they specialise in baby products. Thanks for the article link!
It's really sad to learn about what is actually in products that are assumed to be safe for our children. And it's even more sad to know that the majority of parents just don't know what's in things. I know most people don't have the time to constantly research product safety so I try to educate as often as I can. Of course I want my kids to be safe and healthy, but I want all kids to be safe and healthy as well!
Thank you for letting me us know our childrens safety is very important, I am happy that you did look it up I always thought j&j was a good brand and that it was safe.
My general rule is that if it has to be tested on animals, it has chemical ingredients that aren't safe. Always check the back of the package, usually near the bottom to see if it says Not Tested on Animals. Most will also have a little drawing of a bunny. If a company doesn't do animal testing you can be sure that they are using natural ingredients that are safe.

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