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Gear for family who needs to move cities every 12 wks with newborn

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My husband travels for work and we change cities every 12 weeks. I'm not due until December, but I'm already thinking about the logistics. A well-decorated and well-stocked nursery is unfortunately not in our future as we will need to pack our car and travel every 3 months. Any suggestions for lightweight or easy-to-pack necessities for baby? I'm especially wondering what to do about a crib for our infant.

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A friend of mine was sharing a room with her baby and needed something small so she purchased a crib called Dream on me 2 in 1 portable crib and loved it. Pack N plays are great too, my daughter slept in one until she was able to sit up. As long as you get one with a bassinett to last durning infancy, she will be plenty comfortable. As far as a swing, Boppy has some really cute portable swings for fairly cheap, and they are awesome. My daughter refused to use any swing but her Boppy. I added some links the first to the small crib and the second to a pack N play. I hope this helps. 
I agree with the previous post. We had the Boppy travel swing in our small apartment. We used it daily and it folds well. Not everyone likes them (and mine is on the first floor) but a walker folds too. We have a highchair from IKEA. The legs pop off for easy transport. Babies don't need a lot of clothes in any one size as they grow fast and I've found that my kids are content with a few small toys (we don't believe in having a lot of toys). Babies don't actually NEED a lot of what is out there for them. They and you can live and be happy with less. I do recommend a front carrier like the Baby Bjorn though.  Ours has been a lifesaver.

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