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Gestational Diabetes

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I took the screening test on Monday the Dr told me sugar levels over 140 they do additional test. My levels were at 162. Now im nervous! Who else had been through this?

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my mother had gestational diabetes while pregnant with my little brother. bare with me now, this was 14 years ago, so i don't remember a whole lot. she checked her sugar several times a day (obvious), and just ate very well. she limited her carbs, and ate a ton of fresh veggies.  she went easy on the fruit, because of the natural sugar that it contains. i do remember something about 1 cup of black coffee a day to help regulate the blood sugar(ask doc about that one). cinnamon is a natural way to regulate blood sugar. sprinkle it on milk, yogurt, etc. you could also mix it with butter, and spread it on whole grain toast. when you eat carbs, you need to eat whole grains, not white. that includes your pasta and rice. my family actually prefers whole grains to white, and i don't buy anything but. there's no white-wheat bread in my cabinets, it's only 100%whole grain pasta, bread, and rice. talk to your doctor about what type of diet he/she prefers you to be on. every diabetic is different.
I had that with my daughter. They make you see a nutritionist, and if you don't need insulin, you have to poke your finger every day to check your blood while you are at home. I think it was three times a day. Rotate fingers.
I found out I had Gestational Diabetes when I was 6 months pregnant with my son back in 09. I had to poke my finger 4 times a day. It was not bad though.. I just had to watch my sugar intake. Drinking more water and walking can help bring it down fairly quickly if you get too high.. And I could always tell if my sugar was getting low, so I would get a small snack. It's pretty easy to manage. I'm overweight, so needless to say, I love ALL food, lol.. But there are lots of substitites.. and sugar free items to kill cravings and make mommy happy! Good luck!

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