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gestational diabetes diet

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I looked up example meal plans for gestational diabetes and came up with a plan that included fish in two meals everyday. I thought fish was a no-no so I'm hoping everyone else can recommend what I really should be eating. All help would be appreciated. I'm calling the dietitian Monday but hoping for help this weekend.

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I have always stayed away from fish during pregnancy. I had gestational diabetes with my second pregnancy. What you eat will be determined by how easy it is to control your blood sugar levels. You should have a glucose meter so that you can test your blood sugar levels throughout the day. You may not have to change your diet much at all. All I had to do to keep my sugars under control was to cut out snacks. I suggest cutting out all refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup and refined white carbs. Try to eat as normally as possible, do not use artificial sweeteners! Make those small changes and then test your sugars after your meals. You may not need to make changes beyond those. If your sugars are still too high you'll need to reduce your carb and natural sugar intake until your sugars are under control. But don't worry about eating fish if it makes you nervous, other protein sources will be just fine.You can email me if you'd like. I know how stressful gestational diabetes can be and I'm more than happy to give you any help or support that I can. My email address is

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