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Gestational Diabetes... I may have it and need some help with diet :(

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I had to take the 3 hour Tolerence test after I failed my 1 hour sugar test and I havent gotten my results back and I'm just trying to get prepared in case I do have Gestational Diabetes because I dont want to hurt my baby, I need to know a diet plan and what I need to do everyday to ensure that my baby will be born healthy. I have good feelings about my whole pregnancy still, this little bump in the road is just very confusing to me because I know NOTHING about diabetes and I've been trying to eat foods with no sugar at all until I get my results but I'm not even sure if thats right... I need some help :(

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talk to your doctor about what foods to eat. it varies with every diabetic. but in general, you need to eat wheat pasta/bread, not white. white flour turns into sugar when it hits your system. stay away from sugary foods like cake, cookies, soda, etc. drink a lot of water, and eat lean protein. chicken, turkey, pork, fish, eggs, etc. try not to eat a lot of complex carbs unless they are 100% whole wheat, or 100% whole grain. red potatoes should be fine in moderation, but check with doc about that too. i would avoid idaho spuds. (large brown baking potatoes). water down your juice by half, to reduce the sugar. buy 100% juice, not made from concentrate, or juice-blend. hope this helps!
I had it twice, they go over everything with you, diet, what you should eat and shouldnt. one thing I learned was that after eating if I all the sudden got really tired, my bs was high! all I had to do was walk on the treadmill or outside for 30 min and it was back to normal. It is a hard diet to do expecially while pregnant but I was always able to do it for my baby! Make sa list of questions and bring it to your Dr. and remember you are paying them so call whenever you have a question even if you feel its stupid!
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