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getting baby to nap

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My son is 15 weeks old and he does not nap. If he does fall asleep it is for only 30 minutes at the max then he is up again. He gets himself so tired he has a meltdown and just screams and there is nothing you can do to help him, nursing, rocking, walking, changing nothing will stop the crying. He will finally wear himself out and fall asleep. He has reflux and is on med for that which I am not sure how much it helps. He also had colic which we are still dealing with. I feel a lot of it comes from him not being able to take naps. At night he is okay not the best but I can set him down awake and most nights he will fall asleep and he wakes to nurse then goes right back to sleep in his bed. Nap time I try everything he fights it so bad. Most times I resort to the swing or a walk in the stroller but that still only get about a 30 minute nap, I feel he needs more. He will do 30 minutes only 2-3 times a day. He sleeps 9 hours total at night (wakes 2-3 times)

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I've known babies who do just fine on 30 minute naps, although their moms usually look worn out.  If your son is crying to beat the band, though, it sounds like he isn't doing fine. Have you tried swaddling him?  I know it seems late to start, but swaddling helped my son nap longer and better.  He hated being swaddled when he was very very tiny, but I started reswaddling him around 3 months, and it seriously helped.  Get a copy of "Happiest Baby on the Block" (it's about the whole swaddling theory, and comes in either book or video form, both are fine), give it a few days of practice, and it might really help.  (You can use almost any baby blanket for swaddling, or those velcro baby burritos at Toys R Us for about $15 - I highly recommend the burritos if you can afford them.) Good luck!
if he has reflux maybe you laying him down flat is making it worse. usually you wanna try and keep the head slightly elevated with reflux, and/or do not lie down right after eating for about 30 mins

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