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Getting him off the Pacifire

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So I have a 9 month old, and I feel it's time to start getting him off his pacifire. We can freely take it from him, and he wont scream at us, he drops it and plays and picks it up again and puts it in his own mouth. I am wanting him to be off it completely by his one year birthday. Any ideas?? thanks

answers (7)

Cut the tip off the pacifier. It won't make the sucking soothing and they will not want it anymore.
Dip it in soap then cayenne peppr
Please do not give your 9 month old soap or cayenne pepper! I have NEVER heard of those... but I did hear cutting the very tip off the pacifier and then gradually cutting more for an older baby/toddler. Not sure if it would work for a baby who is only 9 months.  I've also had trouble taking it from my youngest son, so I have been only giving it to him at naps & bedtime.  If you find something that works well, please share.  =)  Good luck!
I will have to give cutting the tip of it off a try.  During the day he could careless about it, but I want him to decide he's not wanting it.  So I like the idea of cutting it.  I am hoping that if I can get him to stop taking it during the day and it becomes unappealing then at night and nap times he wont want it any more either. Thanks!
i started weening my daughter at 8 months and the night before her first bday it was gone. i got to the point where i would only give it to her at naptime and bedtime. the night i took it away, i cut the nipple off completeley, and let her find the leftover plastic piece. she observed it, tried to suck on it and realized immediately something was not right. after the was over, i threw it in the trash. she cried for an hour that night, but we have never looked back. hint-the act of cutting the nipple off is more for you as the mother, not for your child. once you cut that nipple off, you eliminate the temptation to give it back.
DO NOT dip it in soap and cayenne pepper. now why on earth would u give your child something w/pepper and soap on it? i myself will try the cutting the tip off i have a nine month old who will be turning one soon and i do not want him using his pacifier...and good luck to u =]
Don't worry the soap and pepper thing never crossed my mind....  Thanks for the hints.  

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