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Getting induced at 39 weeks...

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I'm 37 weeks now and my baby weighs about 7 1/2 pounds now. This is my first child and my doctor said he is going to induce me at 39 weeks. Are there any options on ways to have this done and what can I expect going into this?

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They could stick a "pill" up your uh-oh to speed up the process. They stuck something up there twice when I went in to have my daughter because I was leaking for so long. I don't know how they will do it for you since what they did to me was after my water broke. Ask your doctor to explain what he is going to do next time you see him. He should tell you what all to expect then.
they did not use a pill with me. i was induced at 37 weeks. they broke my water, started Pitocin, and within 20 minutes i was screaming at the nurse, "get my drugs now, bitch! now! not five minutes from now!" i had my epidural done 3 minutes later. the doctor told me he would come back in 20 minutes...i told him not to take one more step, because my baby was crowning. she was out in 20 minutes flat.
i was induced at 42 weeks with my first, they broke my water and gave me pitocin. i was in labor for 13 hrs, pushed for almost 4 hrs(on and off of course) and they still had to use a vaccum to get him out. not trying to scare you - but be prepared it doesn't always go quickly just because you are induced - everyone is different.  it was exhausting, but not as painful once they gave me the epidural. my second was born without any drugs (not even an IV, he came too quick) and believe me, if you have the opportunity to get pain relief, take it!  good luck, it will be the most amazing thing when you hold your baby.  honestly!
42 weeks? doctor told me at my last checkup, that if i didn't go into labor by the next checkup, he would induce me. i went to the hospital 4 times with "false labor". my cervix dialated to 3.5 at 9 months, and stopped after that. at 37 weeks, contractions became regular, and we went in one last time. they still tried to send me home, but i was in no mood to go back home to end up right back in there hours later. my husband and i demanded that i be admitted, and induced, and voila! i was! i felt no pain after my epi, just pressure. ten pushes and she was out! mind you, i was in labor for about 2 weeks. i had contractions starting at 7 months. my baby was  ready to come out, and my body just needed help.

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