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Getting my 18 month old ready for baby?

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I'm pregnant with my second baby (20 weeks) and my son is 18 months old. I want to make sure he understands what is coming and try to get him adjusted to the idea before the baby comes so it is not such a shock. Does anyone have any ideas how I can make this special for him and help him realize how important being a big brother is?

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telling an 18 month old that he has a new brother/sister on the way is not going to register with him. he's too young to understand. my daughter is 22 months, and i'm 11 weeks pregnant with my second, as of monday. i haven't said much to her, because at this age, they just want it to be all about them. look under the pregnancy section of this site for tips.
My daughter was  20 months when my youngest was born. We basically just told her she had a baby sister on the way. I tried not to focus too much on it because she really isn't going to fully grasp what was going to happen. We started talking about her sister in my belly when I really started showing.Really it's all up to you, but in reality he isn't going to understand too much right now, when the baby comes is when you will be able to best show him how important a big bro can be. We were very simple and clear with my daughter "you will have a little sister soon" "she will be tiny and you have to be gentle with her" "Mommy will go to the hospital, and you will stay with Grammy and Pa for a few days and when we come home you will have a sister" Let him know what is going to happen to him, because that's what he is going to be most concerned with. Good Luck, having 2 so close in age is so much fun, and totaly worth all the extra work.
My daughter is almost 20 months and I am almost 25 weeks. I explained to her that her brother is in my belly. I'm not sure how well she understands, but she doesn't jump on my belly like she does the rest of me. As you are packing your bag, have him help fold the babies stuff and explain what is going on. Make him feel special too and do a few extra things with him before you leave for the hospital.
My daughter was 18 months old when her brother was born. We started telling her that I was having a baby when my belly started growing. She was very interested in babies so whenever we saw one on tv or a friend brought their baby over we would tell her that I had a baby growing in my tummy. A few month before my son was born we got her a baby doll that she could take care of. Throughout the pregnancy she loved watching my belly (and her brother) grow. She came with me to doctor's appointments so she could hear his heartbeat and could see him on the ultrasound. She loved talking to him through my belly button and she would always ask to blow raspberries on my/his tummy. 

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