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Getting my toddler to stay in his bed

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I have a 23 month old little boy who is so mobile it's ridiculous. He started walking, no make that running, at 9 months and hasn't stopped since! He is even short for his age, but that hasn't stopped him from figuring out how to climb out of his crib AND pack n play. We have lowered the mattress of the crib, even put it on the floor inside the crib and he can still climb out. We have pinned a net over top of the pack n play, and he has figured out how to get it off too (ripped the netting). We have a new baby coming any day now and I intend for them to share a room once the baby is about 6 weeks old or so. But my toddler refuses to stay in his bed at nap time! He isn't ready to not have a nap, he still needs the sleep. We have tried just making sure he stays in his room but there are no toys or distractions and he will climb out and never take a nap, even though he does stay in his room. I have tried spanking, I have tried taking away his blanket or bear he sleeps with. I have tried rewards (although he is a little young to have a reward that is delayed- like a treat or sticker after nap time is over. He needs something more immediate.) Nothing works. It is AT LEAST a 2 hour battle every single day at nap time to get him to go down. I have even tried doing a later nap time, thinking maybe he wasn't tired yet and he still fights it for 2 hours. This has gone on for 2 months now. I can not continue to do this every day, especially when the new baby gets here. I would love a crib tent, but they were recalled and I can't seem to find one ANYWHERE! Someone please help!

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Will he settle down if you are sitting next to his bed? If so, try reading him a story and cuddling with him, and then sitting next to hiim until he falls asleep. I had to do that with my oldest until she learned to fall asleep on her own at nap time.

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