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Getting pregnant at 39yrs

2 answers
Just wondering what other peoples experiences are with getting pregnant in your late 30s. Is it extremely difficult? I had no problems in my early thirties, but I am nervous to even try now. I would like to have another baby at this stage, but I am scared that if I am able to convince my husband it will be impossible!

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From what I hear everyone is different when it comes to pregnancy. Younger have as many problems as older parents and then again both have none at all. My sister in law just had a kid about 6 months ago no problems at all and she's 38. Come to find out she's pregnant again and so far she is doing great. I don't think you have anything to worry about.
my mom had quintuplets at 18 and then she had me at 39 and it was easy for her so i guess it can be easy but theres some people that cant even get pregnant at 38 so i guess everyones different hopefully you get that baby you want it might be hard to get pregnant or it might be easy and you will have a miracle baby

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