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Getting Pregnant with Second Child

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My husband and I have a 11 month old and have decided to start trying again. I didn't have my period until about 2 months ago when the doctor gave me something to get it going again. I have been on Birth Control for 2 months and now we are ready to have another and I quit taking BC. Has anyone been in a similar situation. I'm just curious. First time I got preggers I was only off BC for a months and a half. Now I'm just nervous....

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I got pregnant with my first while I was on birth control. I got pregnant with my second about 3 or 4 weeks after stopping birth control. But, it's very easy for me to get pregnant, which is why I'm now pregnant for a fourth (and last) time!just be patient and it will happen. Sometimes it takes a little while to get pregnant again. If you're worried about having another baby, don't be. My kids are 18 and 20 months apart, and this one will be 20ish months younger than my third. I love having them so close together. it is challenging at times, but my kids are very close and they all adore each other.
i got pregnant with my daughter when my son was 13 months old, but we were trying since he was 6 months old. it was very hard each month to not get disappointed as we got pregnant with our son the first month we tried. we wanted our children to be irish twins(two under two) and they are as they are 22 months advise is to say calm and take each moment as it comes. dont leave it to chance. map your ovulation. i used ovulation test the last month or two and they helped pin point when the best time to try was. good luck and i hope you get your bundle of joy very soon.
"Irish twins" are two babies born within 12 months of each other.

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