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Getting a second opinion

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So my son has a chronic cough and chest congestion. It has been going on for 3 months close to 4 and he is only 5 months old. I have heard a lot of different answers from different doctors at the practice where I have brought him in at least every month since it started. His primary Dr. M says it is a cold that just wont go away and my 2 year old is probably giving it to him. Thing is I am a SAHM and they do not see a lot of other kids and none that are sick. My daughter does not have a cold. We have seen Dr. K twice and the first time she thought it was a cold because at that time my daughter got a cold a week after he started coughing. The second time she said it may be part of his reflux and when he starts solids it will get better or it may be asthma but she said to wait till 4 months to treat for that. But his primary Dr. M did not think that is what the problem was. I am not able to start solids because every time I try he gets really fussy a couple hours later. Dr. M said not to do solids with him until 6 months. I am sick of listening to him cough, it is worse at night and some times it wakes him up. He has coughed for over an hour before and I just wish I could help him. He is breastfed and a really big boy (about 19lbs and 28 inches) so I know he is healthy and growing. I just do not know how to go about getting another opinion or if I should just take what the doctor tells me. She keeps saying it is "second child syndrome" but I have never met another kids with this. My mom had 6 kids and 13 grand kids and he is the first.

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My son was like that and it ended up being RSV! he was 5 weeks at the time. it could be the croup or whatever i would def get a second opinion i had to cause his main dr said he was fine then i took him to the hospital the next day and he had that so better to be safe
I would take him to another office for another opinion. I'm a SAHM and my formula fed kids have almost never been sick, even when they've been exposed to sick people. My husband and I were sick for a week and the most they got was an overnight fever. There is no reason a baby should be coughing for months on end without a concrete answer. I haven't heard of "second child syndrome" but if it's something that implies that either second children are more likely to get sick or that parents are more paranoid about that, it's completely ridiculous! If I were in your shoes I'd be just as concerned as you are and I'd definitely be seeing a different doctor in a different practice.

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