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*Girl names please*

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Looking for classic and pretty names for my little princess, preferably with J for the first name and A for the middle name.

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jayla angelina jessica alayna those are two names i really like
Jessamyn Amanda( I am going to name my daughter if I ever actually cnceive Jessamyn) 
jessica.jasmine.julie.julissa.juliana.jocelyn.janette.joanna. jaslyn.judith.june. Amanada. Alyssa. Alison. Ariel. Addy. Amelia. Anita. Alexis. Alexa. Alani. Ashley. Anabelle. Arabella. Anette. Aimee.I also like the names Lisette & Kayla. Pretty & Simple :)
thanks a lot everyone. keep em comin!!!
Jessica, Jacqueline, Janessa, Julia, Jayme, Jemma, Julianna. Addison, Ava, Alissa, Avery, Amaya, Ashlyn, Ashley, Alyson.Just a few! :) 
i like the name kendra
jillan amber. jade adelyn
ive always liked julie and audrina,
SO many, but I heard and like the names Juliette Alice
If my baby is a girl, i am naming her Camille. It was popular in the twenties, which is my favorite time period, which falls together with my love for jazz. I also like the name Corin, and Jacqeline.


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