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Goin Cr8zii

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Ok update: I took a pregnancy test nd it came out positive i was very happy, but days later i began having/experiencing wht looks like my pd, but it lasted more thn 7 days so i came to the conclusion its a miscarriage. In doing research i found whts called a LATE PERIOD and i think thaz wht im experiencing but idk im styll bleeding its wierd, heavy for a ew days, light more days, vry light other days and thn its like it never happened, and thaz how its been goin for abt a week so i asked other people and their confident its js a miscarriage. I took a 2nd test and it came out positive! So wht is goin on? if im having a miscarriage why is the second test coming out still as PREGNANT? DO i need bedrest or something? im wrackin my brain for answers!! HELP MEEEE! ~confused mom

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If you were having a miscarrage, I think you would be in way more pain, my sister miscarried and was hunched over in pain for days, you should really go in to the doctor, my friend recently became pregnant and was bleeding, and they told her it was normal and it was from her uterus stretching at a faster than normal rate. The only way to know whats going on is to ask a doc!! Good luck!
I was bleeding from hemoraging so if you are bleeding and really worried go in. You might just find out it is only implantation bleeding and nothing bad at all.
A positive pregnany test doesn't rule out a miscarraige, just as bleeding doesn't rule out a pregnancy. It's possible to have a positive pregnany test up to six weeks after a miscarraige, because the hormones the test detects are still in your system. You best bet is to go to the doctor, they can do further testing.
Definitely seek a doctor. I had a miscarriage in April and the bleeding was bad but the pain was not. It could take weeks for your HcG levels to go down. so if the test is still finding HcG in your urine it will still come out positive.
remember it all depends on the body some women dont experience pain during a miscarrige...!! so i think you should get checked soo if yes they can clean ur inside 

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