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Going back to college full time?

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I dropped out of college, like an idiot, when I was 20 because I was too busy partying, working at my record store job that I loved, etc. Well, I work full time and for the past 2 years have been taking one or two night classes a semester. It seems like I'll never graduate! I really only have maybe three full semesters to go if i could go full-time. My mom has advised, no, stay at your full-time job. I make more money than my boyfriend, and our 4 month old is plenty expensive. I've had a lot of single mom's at my work tell me though that they didn't work and went to school full-time. How does this work? Do you live totally of student loans? That makes me nervous! I would love to go back full-time so that I could get a better paying job, but I have never NOT had a job since I was 16 years old. Anyone else have a similar experience? Also, I love my job. I have been here over three years and I have good health insurance and pay raises...I really am reluctant to take a drastic plunge.

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If you're really happy, but still feel the need to commit to full time have you considered on-line classes? I took most of my classes online before I decided that I wanted to change my major and the classes I needed were not offered online. It is A-lot harder but it allowed me to take care of my babies, the way I needed too. You can even work it out so that you aren't really taking 4 classes at 1 time, as long as you are doing 4 in a semester. My college had accelerated classes and I loved the idea of only studying for 2 classes at a time, and still being able to get my degree quickly. Another option is Hybrid classes. In hybrid, you do mostly stuff online, and attend class 1 night a week. You would be constantly going, and may have to give up some time with the little one, but it's only 3 semesters. I agree that quiting your job may not be the best option if you are the main bread winner of the family, but schooling is so important too. I hope can figure out what works best for you.
Unless your boyfriend can provide you or your daughter with health insurance, I would NOT quit your job.  The last thing you want to have happen is a medical emergency and no health insurance. What about going part-time?  How many hours would you need at work in order to keep your insurance and your seniority?  Even if you only work three days a week, most daytime classes are held two days a week (like on Mon/Thurs or Tues/Fri, depending on your college), and that would allow you additional time for studying and writing - which we all know is the bulk of college work anyway.  That might help you get in some extra classes and shave some time off how long it'll take to graduate. (That said: good on you for going back at all!  I can't imagine taking any sort of class with a 4-month-old and still working full time!  My hat is off to you, Super Mom.  *grin*)
Look into the scheduling of the classes, Take all classes that you can group into one day that way you'll only have one day missing work and your baby. Or scheduale around the two days off you usually get. In the long run you'll be glad you went to school full time.
I tried online classes and they just were not for me. I actually like going to class and sitting in a lecture and taking notes. I learn better that way. My two online classes I attempted one semester were almost a disaster, hahaha. My daughter is one her daddy's insurance, so really I would be the only one without. I work M-F 7:30-4:30. I've asked if I could not take lunch and be off a half day one day so I could take more classes but it was a no-go. Part-time is unfortunately not an option. I think I will probably wait until baby gets older before I really make a decsion on this. I guess doing a few classes at a time is better than no classes at all. I am just anxious to finish my degree so I can earn more money.
I don't suppose your degree is going to tie into your job in any way?  You said you worked at a record store (during college, maybe not anymore) - are you going for a business or accounting degree?  If it's something like that, I would try a different tactic.  Ask your boss for a meeting, and pitch the idea that giving you more time to take more college-level classes would result in having a better employee in the long run - particularly if you're willing to remain on staff after your graduation for a certain amount of time.  The trick is to make this deal really attractive to your boss - because otherwise, they're looking at it as giving you time off to get overeducated for the job you've got.  And heck, what boss in the right mind would want to do THAT?!? 

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