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Going Back To Work After Baby

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For those of you who had your baby and are STILL With the baby's father, did you go back to work or do you stay at home and take care of your child, while your bf/hubby goes to work? I'm just curious, cuz I've been working at my job for 2 years, and i'm due in April, and i really want to be at home to take care of our little girl. I really don't feel comfortable having a babysitter take care of my FIRST child. And I'd Like to be there for her to watch her grow up and to hear her first words and to see her first steps.. and to teach her how to say "I love you daddy" when dad gets off work. I plan to go back to work once she starts school.. I need everyone's advice here.. people are telling me i need to continue working and hire a babysitter... and some say i can stay home and be a first time mommy. What is everyone's opinion on this?

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I am due in May and want to stay home with our first child.  But, I will be coming back to work, as my husband is just finishing his Masters and won't start his full-time job until this fall.  We are hoping after we move and he gets settled in his new job that I will be able to stay home, but for the time being our finances won't allow it.  It is a hard thing to do and I have felt guilty about it, but at the same time I need to help provide for my family.  I've been lucky and have a very good friend who has offered to watch our baby until we move.  After we move, I don't know who I will take her to since we are moving to a place where I don't know really anyone.I say, if you can afford financially to stay home, then do it.  If not, go back to work until you can financially afford to stay home.Hope this helps.  Good luck!
if you can afford to stay home then i would do it..i want to have the summer off to spend with our first(due in 4 weeks)..luckil i have a job where i can pretty much pick my own hours s when i do return to work i can chosse when i would like to be home..if u and ur bf live together and afford to stay home while he works i would deff do it.whats the rush back to work if ur able to stay home?
If you only take a year or two off it probably won't hurt your career trajection too much, but if you want to take off longer, I think you need to consider the bigger picture. No mom wants to miss the "little moments" of her child's life, but no mom wants to end up a financial burden to her children, either. A full 80% (yes, 80%!) of women will die single, either due to divorce or widowhood.In other words, you really can't count on your husband being there to provide a paycheck forever, and the longer you're out of the workforce, the greater the loss of lifetime income for you. It's a harsh reality that rivals the sentimentality and emotional desires of being there when your kids are little, but do you really want to risk being a financial drain to your adult children in the future, when they need their income for raising their own kids?
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