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gonna be enduced dec. 28 really nervous please help

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im really excited but also very nervous about labor

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Good luck =) & You will be ok, don't think about the pain, think about the little bundle of joy you'll be holding afterwards =) 
thank you for being supportive everybody on this website is so helpful
Good luck and congrats! The pain is always worth it and we were made to do this. You will do great! Just remember you aren't alone, every woman, even experienced moms worry and get nervous about labor. Just try to relax and enjoy this day of rest before your big day! Good luck :)
I was induced with my first as well, I was very nervous too. Just know that it may take a long time before it starts to do anything to you so do not get frustrated just rest when you can and walk around as much as possible as well! Good luck!
thanks everyone!
It's not that bad! People love to tell horror stories but in reality, labor is bearable. Sure it's not pleasant but the female body is made to handle it. I would rate it, out of 10 (10 as worst) as being about a 6, 7 at my worst. Walk as much as they will let you. If you just lay there the whole time, it will hurt worse. Moving around, trying different positions, walking, and sitting on those huge medicines balls helps A LOT. I was in labor for almost 24 hours and had to get a c-section but its SOOOOOO worth it :DBTW, labor does take longer if it is your first. So don't be worried if it takes about 10-15 hours (i think that's the average). I got really agitated because mine took so long, but the length of my labor isn't normal.Good luck!!!!
good luck.. you will be fine.. I was induced with our first baby as well.. I think that every first time mom is anxious.. well for that matter I think tthat every mom to be is anxious and nervous.. just know that with the induction I do believe that the contractions seemed to be stronger and more painful then the ones with this baby when I went into labor on my own.. just go into it with an open mind. I was set to not have any pain medication and think that being so against the epidural that turned out to be a life saver once I gave in really hurt me in the end.. it made the labor go much slower.. once I had gotten it my body was relaxed and our little girl was here in no time.. good luck =)
I heard inducing can take a long time and be very strenuous on the body, plus most of the time it ends in c sections. Sorry, but they would have to force me down to be induced, I'm pregnant with my second.
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