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this is gonna sound sooooo crazy can u get pregnant without having sex

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im 13 and ,i have had what seems like morning sickness, i have not had a period i think my last one was in feb ,i feel it move all the time ,my stomach is pretty big, i have never had sex but im almost completely sure that im pregnant m going to the doctor soon to find out for sure but is it possible

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It is technically possible to gt pregnant without actually having sex, even if you're a virgin. The hymen has a small opening in it to allow menstrual blood to pass through. If you are messing around with a boy and somehow his semen gets around your vaginal area it's possible for it to enter your vagina which could lead to pregnancy. It's not terribly likely that all that would happen at exactly the time you ovulated, but it's technically possible.It's probably more likely that what you're experiencing is something like a hysterical pregnancy where your mind's idea that you are pregnant is so powerful that it actually makes your body exhibit pregnancy symptoms. I definitely had it happen with me, complete with no period and morning sickness.But, the only way to know for sure is to see a doctor, which you should do immediately. If your last period was in February you could potentially be 6 months pregnant and a baby is at serious risk without proper prenatal care.
You have to have sex to get pregnant. 
Um, have you even taken a health class yet? Intercourse is required to get pregnant. This question is like asking if you can get pregnant after having oral sex.
also, if you claim to have felt movements in your tummy, which is getting bigger, and haven't had your period in about six months, then you must have had sex. You need to go see a doctor as soon as possible because your potential baby is at risk from lack of prenatal care.
i have never had sex ever in my life i havnt messed around with a boy or anything i have never had a boyfriend
If you haven't had sex, haven't come into contact with semen or haven't been raped, you aren't pregnant. But, you do need to go see a doctor to find out what is going on.
The movement could be explained by gas, the same as when a woman IS pregnant, and thinks she feels the baby move but it way too early for it to be moving. I know you might think you know the difference between gas, and something moving inside of you, but then again so did I until I talked to my doctor and he laughed at me for thinking I felt the baby move at 12 weeks. :) Also, the weight gain, and feeling sick could all have to do with your hormones. At 13, your hormones are out of control and can cause all sorts of crazy things to happen to your body. Honestly, it is best to go see the doctor. If your not pregnant, it might be a good idea to get on birth control. Even though you arent sexually active, it can help regulate your period.
I haven't had sex but I missed my period and I had trouble breathing on my back I had some symptoms of being pregnant but I don't feel like puking in the morning andmim only 13 I tried to tell my mom but she doesn't listen
I haven't had sex but I missed my period and I had trouble breathing on my back I had some symptoms of being pregnant but I don't feel like puking in the morning and I'm only 13 I tried to tell my mom but she doesn't listen
i am going through the same thing i am only 14 n i never had sex or been touched by any boy n i am scared cause im a virgin n i feel pregnant my period never came n i been feeling tired not like usual n i been cramping n getting dishcharge but i am scared to take a pregnancy test or go to the doctors n i dont think i can by my own pregnancy test at the store n the doctor will tell my mom n i want to tell her so what should i do? n r u pregnant or had a baby


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