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granddaugther formula was changed to prosobee she is constipated

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the doctor changed her formula because she was spitting up and had gas a lot now on the prosobee she cry when she have to poop it is solid she is 4 months she is only on the formula no water cereal once a day her mother was giving her the cereal twice a day she changed her formula jan 28 today is jan 30 will it take a while for her system to adjust to the new formula

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It will and can take a little while for baby's system to adjust. It can be hard on them to change formulas. Contuine to try this formula if it's a long time then I'd go back and talk to the doctor as it may not be one for her. If she's crying when needed to have a bowel movement and the movements are hard pebbles then yes she's constipated. Your daughter may need to talk to the doctor regrading what to do or help for that. Couple of old time home remedies that your daughter can try is boil some raisins in water and feed the baby the raisin water or mix about 1 tsp dark brown sugar into 1 oz water and feed that to baby. They both worked for my boys when they were constipated. Hope that helps.

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