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grandson only wants to wear super hero costumes

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My daughter is having difficulty getting my 3-year-old grandson to wear normal clothes. He refuses to wear shorts or short sleeved shirts, even with the current heat. He says, "Superheros don't wear shorts or short sleeves!" Should she be concerned? It's a battle every day. He'll only wear solid color clothes in the primary colors and refuses to wear any shirts with "faces and stuff" on them.

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Someone once told me, "Pick your battles".  If your daughter isn't picking this to be a battle, then don't worry about it too much.  Just keep an eye on your grandson to make sure he's drinking plenty of water (WATER, not soda, not juice, not milk.  WATER) to stay hydrated, and maybe find him some very light-weight long sleeved shirts and long pants that fit his criteria - or maybe have super hero logos on them.  (I suspect, since he's a super hero, those might pass muster.) I know you said primary, but try to steer him toward the lighter shades; they reflect light and will therefore be cooler.  Look at this this way: loads of cultures live in very hot climates and wear long sleeves and long pants all the time.  (Think Middle Eastern parts of the world.)  They live.  As long as your grandson stays hydrated, he'll be fine.  And not have so many sunburns as the rest of us.
Go to a local craft store and see if they have iron-on patches or decals of your grandson's favorite super heroes. Maybe even have him help iron it on a t-shirt so he feels like he helped make it.
tell him that super heros are normal people untill someone needs help maybe he might wear normal clothes
she needs to pick her battles, but only up to a certain point. this sounds like normal toddler behavior. in my house, if my daughter refuses to put on the clothing i have picked out for her, i put it on myself. tantrums, or not. they need to learn that they are not always going to have a choice in life. there are some things that are not negotiable, like brushing teeth for example. i tell my daughter, brush your teeth, or mommy will do it for you. it's always a fight, but i still win. even though i requires me to hold her down with one arm, and put her knees in mine to keep her still.
He's 3...why should he wear anything but those clothes? Who will it kill? Let it go. It is normal and what 3 y/o boys do. He will eventually grow out of it. Go buy a whole wardrobe of those. Let him wear what he feels best in. Know that in will look back and miss these days.
totally normal.  i agree with azriona-go with it!  it's fun.  he's going to grow up too fast anyways:)  do bright yellow or something.  enjoy it!  you know those fancy nancy books? (if not, look 'em up), have him teach the family how to be a superhero!  when it comes to heat, just keep him hydrated and use lightweight fabrics.  why fight it?  is it hurting anyone?  no.  is it morally degrading?  no.  is it quirky and cute and going to go away all too soon?  yes:)  have fun.  take lots of pictures.  have him hyrate on 'super' juice (if you have to add lemons or do crystal light or something if he refuses to do straight water).

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