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had bad new's when i went to the doctor:((

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so yesturday when i went to the doctor i dont know if they make any one else at there doctor's do this but they always make me take a pregnancy test and when i took the test the test came out negative!! i was like what the *******!!! even my doctor was like that!! so they did the doppler heart monittior on me and they could't find his heart beat at first and so they did an ultra sound on me and they said something was wrong with the baby!! i was like wouldnt u guy's had told me this before! so they sent me to this lab and took my blood and all that stuff & my mother in law and i and my babydaddy are worried that something might be wrong with me or the baby i just dont see how out of the nowhere you know! im so worried idk what to do,? any help advice i find out this friday if anything is!! i just hope nothing happen;s to the baby:((

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I've heard that pregnancy tests aren't supposed to be reliable after about 18 weeks because after the first trimester the level of hcg starts to drop off. So I'm not really sure why your doctor would continue to do pregnancy tests. Normally they only check urine for sugar and protein.Sometimes it can be difficult to find a baby's heartbeat. I've had several times during each of my three pregnancies where my doctor's almost didn't find it. As far as the ultrasound goes, I'm not sure what they saw. I would imagine that if there was something seriously wrong with your baby you wouldn't have been sent home. If there were something wrong your doctor would have scheduled an induction or c-section for you.
oh well yah at my doctor's office they make me take a pregnancy test for every 1 of my appoinment's and oh ok i was so scared when they couldn't find it me and my mother in law were even crying! and me neither idk what it could've been and ok well today i go to my doctor's again thank's
My good friend is a nurse at an OBYGN's office and she said that no doctors office would make you take a pregnancy test every month. There is no need to take a test if you have already been checked out and are said to be pregnant. She has worked as a nurse for 10 years and I think she knows what she is talking about so your story is a little fishy. Like V said, they test your pee for sugar and protein, but they don't keep doing a pregnancy test.
Hey Jessica, Arent you coming up on your due date? I wanted to check in and see how your appointment went. Like the ladies said you wouldn't be tested every appoinment once pregnancy is established. You pee in a cup every appointment but thats to test for protein and sugars in your urine that could indicate gestational diabetes. If they couldnt find a heart beat with an ultrasound that usually means the baby has passed. I dont understand with how far along you are they would have sent you to the lab. Usually lab tests are to determine hcg levels and if there is no heartbeat than they would most likely induce you to give birth to your baby and than do testing on the baby to determine what went wrong. Hope all is ok! And baby is still in there kickin. Let us know!!
well that's probably what they do my bad i had asked and they said it was for sugar and all that but that they did accicedently use my pee for a pregnancie test that wasnt supposed to be done! so sorry if my story sounds fishy but it's true!
Hopinfor4 -i had my son already(: thank's for asking(: i had a babyboy named him richard izequiel isaac velazquez(: 8lbs(:

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