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Had the nexplanon removed how soon can I get pregnant?

2 answers
I had the Implanon for the full three years and a day before it expired I got the Nexplanon inserted. I had the nexplanon for a year and a month. I just got it removed Monday May 11th. My husband and I are TTC and want to do it as soon as possible before I change my mind again. We've always had unprotected sex even after removal. And according to my period and ovulating chart I was ovulating on the 10th. How soon can I conceive and how soon am I able to know if I am?

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I've had 3 implants 1 Implanon and 2 nexplanons . I've been told every time that the first two weeks after getting it taken out you are highly fertile and are most likely to get pregnant faster than normal as your body goes back to normal straight away . They always put me on some other contraception straight away because of the high risk . Don't know why whoever who had taken out didn't tell you .
Take one straight away . You get tests what can detect pregnancy days before your period is meant to start so if it's late it'll detect straight away and you will get a more clear we answer

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