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had protected sex w/ my bf the got 1 period then the next month missed

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we had protected sex oct 22 then I got my period november was regular normal period that i was before it lasted for 5 days and that was my due date have 1st day heavy i change napkins 2 times it was bloody red that like my period then the 2nd day moderate heavy then 3rd day moderate heavy 4th day moderate 5th day lighter end of the my due ..had no spotting then after the next month i missed a period..until now it had nothing...i have no pregnancy related symptoms...i have normal sore breasts or nausea..had vaginal discharge that was regular discharges...can i be pregnant?or not? could it be stress?? hormonal imbalance? for me chances are unlikely because he had condoms and had no leaks he really didnt cum inside of me he had a condom always and after he ejaculate he withdraw it together with the condom... help guys im really confused and worried. thanks.... need some conclusion and opinion with you guys..

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