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Had surgery not knowing of pregnancy

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On November 15th my wife went for several MRI’s and X-Rays for a back surgery she was having on November 30th. On November 30th we went to the surgical center early in the morning. They took urine and tested it to see if she was pregnant. The result come out that she was not pregnant so they went ahead with the surgery which lasted for about two hours. Almost 30 days later on December 26th she was not feeling good so she went and bought a pregnancy test. We found out that she was pregnant after taking three of the test. On December 29th we went a saw the Gynecologist and explained everything to him. He did not seem worry but he performed the ultrasound and there was a heartbeat even though we were not able to see the baby. He told us that she was eight weeks and five day pregnant. He told us to make an appointment with the genetic counseling doctor so that they can perform test to see if the surgery process would affect our unborn baby. We are both very afraid and stress for the safety of the baby. Any help will be great.

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You will just have to wait and see what the tests show. I know that isn't much consolation, but that's all anyone, even your ob, can tell you at this point. Things like this are so rare that there are any statistics to refer to in order to give you any sort of odds. Just stay positive and hope for the best.
Do not worry., God will take care of your angel. Be faithful

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