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Hard Hugger!

2 answers
I felt awful that I had to pull my 5 year old daughter off of me from the neverending goodbye hug at school today. She got very upset with me, and folded her arms and walked away. I offered her another chance to hug me goodbye- in a more gentle way, but she refused. It is the first time she actually got upset about me stopping her is just too hard, she hurts me. I have talked with her about not hurting her Mommy, but quickly added that she is a great loving girl, just very strong...I have tried to reprimand her several times, and she will be a good for a few days, then when she is in her goofy mode she almost knocks me over! I dont ever want to deny her of love or affection, but I am not sure how to go about it without hurting her feelings.

answers (2)

Develop a special mommy daughter hug.. like you hug and pat each others back 3 times or you rub cheeks... she will love it and it will give you a definite end to the hug plus it will be your special just mommy and her hug...
I like the idea of the special hug that only you and she do!I would also tell her that the hugs hurt and be honest with her

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