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Has anyone actually WON one of Parenting's online contests?

2 answers
I've been entering them on and off for the last year, and I haven't heard boo. Granted, I'm sure a lot of people have entered them, but sheesh! I'd just like to know if SOMEONE won something, or if it's just a way to get us on their mailing lists. It's not like they ever announce who DID win (even a name and last initial would be nice, although I suppose they could make those up).

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They could make them up. It wouldn't be that hard. I'm sure somewhere on the site it has a number where you can reach them and ask them to mail you a recent list of winners.
The rules for the latest contest, The 101 Days of Giveaways, has instructions for how to obtain a list of winners. Most companies are required to follow strict rules pertaining to contests and giveaways, so I doubt Parenting would risk their name and reputation just to get some e-mail addresses... especially since they get that information when people register for the site.

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