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Has anyone done Acupressure?

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I'm going in on Friday to be induced but I still want to try to go into labor naturally if I could. I've been reading things online and stumbled across all this information about Acupressure and how great it works. One sight even said it could start labor in 24-48 hours! To good to be true in my book but a girl can believe can't she? So has anyone ever tried Acupressure or know anyone who has? I would really like to know how it worked out for them. Thanks.

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I tried it, along with all the other natural ways to stimulate labor but still ended up being induced 11 days after my due date. My labor was only 3 hours long (thanks to taking a bath in the hospital) and I didn't have pain medication until I got a spinal block shot less than 10 minutes before my daughter was born. (She was out in 3 pushes.) 
Forgot to say that natural methods for stimulating labor will only work if your body and baby are ready for it. If it's not time the natural methods won't do anything.
I haven't tried it but I think even if you try those methods your not gonna have the baby untill its time for it to be born. But its deffinatly worth a try.

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