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has anyone else delivered naturally after an unplanned csection?

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i have a little girl that is 2 and a half that i had by c section because the umbilical cord was rapped around her neck now i am pregnant again and was thinking about a vaginal delivery this time but just wanted to hear from some others about their experiences! thanks a ton

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I have not personally, but I did a lot of research on it because my son was breech up until right before delivery and I thought I would need a csection.  VBACs are more common now since that most OBs and midwives are trying to avoid unnecessary csections (if safe and not medically required).  You may want to do a little research on them and discuss with your dr.  But remember to keep you and your baby's safety your main priority.  Don't be disappointed if you have to have another csection.  ALL deliveries, regardless of method, are somewhat painful and usually nerve-wrecking. My mom always says, it doesn't matter how a baby gets here - as long as mom and baby are safe - it is always a blessing!  =)
My mother had an emergency c-section with my sister, and went on to have 6 more children. 5 of them were delivered vaginally.
I had a very successful VBAC 9 months ago. My 4 yo was a planned c-section, sort of. I was a week overdue and scheduled to be induced the next day. Went in for a check-up and discovered she was frank breech, so a c-section was scheduled for the next day and I had what I thought was a pretty easy recovery. With my 9 mo I planned to have a VBAC with the full support of my Doctor. She let me take the lead on my birth plan, but thoroughly discussed all the risks on both sides and let me make the decision. It's very important that your Doctor and/or the practice in general supports VBACs. Mine did. However, I did have a back-up c-section scheduled if labor did not start on it's own within being a week overdue. Well, I was a week overdue and scheduled to go in to have the c-section at 7 am the next morning and then labor started at 1 am. During labor I wished I had the c-section because it was quick and I would have been done already, but I was dead wrong. I cannot stress enough how much easier and quicker recovery was after VBAC. I would definitely recommend it if circumstances allow. And because I delivered in a teaching hospital several students asked if they could observe because VBACs are becoming much more common.  Good luck.
I had a c section in 1991 with my son, and then 10 years later I had a natural birth twice.  I have 3 healthy children, and I must say vaginal birth was more emotionally upbeat
My aunt had a c-sec and wanted to just do it that way, but the docs made her do it naturally..and she had no problems with her other two natural births

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