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has anyone ever had ovarian cyst?

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well i have one and im scared to do the lazer or surgery to remove them! has anyone done this? does it hurt? i need help!!

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Depends on how large the cyst is.  If it's under 4 cm I wouldn't worry too much about it.  Once it gets over 4, then do the surgery.  Cysts can be painful just being there, and if they rupture that is worse.  I know, I used to be very prone to them, and have had several surgeries to remove them along with other issues.  The surgery for the removal is noninvasive, and usually done with 2-4 small incesions, one in your naval, one at your pubic bone, and 2 in each side (right over your ovaries) I had all 4 of these incesions done.  The after care is more uncomfortable then painful, but as with any surgery there is pain.  Most women I know who had this done only had pain for a few days tops, then just mild discomfort for about a week.  Usually they (myself included) was down for just 2-3 days before we went back to a normal life.  Talk to your doc about your concerns and if they are saying do the surgery there is a reason for it.  A large cyst can cause your ovary to flip, which if that happens that is a life threatening issue, not to mention if they cyst busts then that can also be life threatening.  Most docs wont reccomend the surgery till the cyst is over 4 cm for more then 1 period.  Cysts are also a normal part of ovulation.  It's when they don't resolve or get too big that they cause issues.  Good luck and know your not alone.  Many women deal with these things all the time.
i have had 9 cysts removed total. yes, it's very uncomfortable, but it doesn't last long. take 2 tylenol or advil about 30 minutes before the procedure and it will help to ease the pain. i had them on my ovaries, tubes, and cervix, along with endometriosis. it's a miracle that i even managed to get pregnant!  hope this helps, and keep your head up. i know this is scary, but with the technology we have today, it's an easy problem to fix. unlike mine. i have been told that by the time i'm 30, i will have to have a hysterectomy. maybe even before then, who knows. i'm only 23!
Argeed to the pain of the rupture. I have had it a couple times now. The last one I had last for about 4 weeks of consent pain and discomfort. Since this has started I have a 9 month old now. If you need surgery to remove them then the doctor should have already talked to you about it. If not then it's probably not too much to worry about. 
Pinkpasley, I am right there with you.  I had chronic pelvic pain, couldn't find out the reason, so my doc did an exploritory surgery.  I had stage 4 endometrosis, plus the cysts...  Always in a ton of pain.  i was told then she was only giving me 2 yrs to get pregnant, at the end, i got pregnant after nothing for not even a scare for 2 years.  unfortunatly, me being pregnant didn't fix the endometrosis, and I had to have the hystorectomy just recently.  I am 26 now, and i was diganosed at 23 as well.  I went through every treatment out there for it.  Good luck to you Pink.  I feel your pain as well.  been there done that for both.
thank you, nelliebugz. nice to know i'm not the only one going through this. i'm just thankful for the one i have. and my 6 dogs, too. we would love another, but it's unfortunately not going to happen. in addition to my problems, my husband had his left testicle ripped out by a german sheppard at 11 years old. he was supposed to be 100% sterile! and then i got pregnant. she is truly a blessing, and a miracle. good luck to you.
Well i had also always struggled to get pregnant, and finally we got pregnant tried every trick in the book, and it worked!  I am belssed to have my Son.  We wanted another but like you my health wouldn't hold up.  So now i did a total hystorectomy and I have nothing left, I am on horemone replacement.  We figure we can always adopt.
I had an ovarian cyst for years. It was benign so I was told to leave it there. I experienced pain every once in a while, but nothing I couldn't handle. Then I got pregnant. I was in the ER 5 separate times with unbelievable pain because baby was putting pressure on the cyst. When I gave birth I ended up having a c-section and the doc went ahead and took it out. It was 5cmx4cm, I was told. I am so glad it is gone.

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